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Whether you’re calling about an emergency or if you’re just looking to get some information about an upcoming project, we want you to receive the information you need as quickly as possible, no matter what time of day it is. When you call, We Forward You to the owner – Not a salesperson who is trying to get his commission. This means your questions are answered promptly and accurately. 

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Save Money & Energy in Your Home  

Here are some simple things homeowners can do to drastically reduce their energy consumption. Of course, this will also require some behavior changes. Homeowners may also want to schedule an EnerGuide Home Evaluation by a registered Energy Advisor from NRCan for the most up-to-date knowledge and systems in home energy efficiency, An Energy Advisor can […]  

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Radon, the silent the killer in your Calgary home? 

If you live in a Calgary home with high radon levels or if you spend a lot of time in one, you are at higher risk for lung cancer. If you smoke and you live in a home with a high level of radon, you are at an even higher risk for lung cancer. Radon, the silent the […]

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Your Home As A System

Your home operates as a system a set of interacting, interdependent component and parts forming a complex whole. All the elements of a house, building envelope, mechanical systems and occupant activities has the potential to interact with everything and affect each other, How to make your Calgary home operate as 1 system and save money […]

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You’ll Never Have To Wait for us to arrive

We make sure to call in advance so you know exactly when we will be there. Your time is important to us, so we make sure that you’re never left waiting for us to arrive. We always provide you with a time frame of our arrival, which is confirmed via a phone call long before the expected time. While we strive to show up on time, every time, we promptly let you know if an unexpected delay will cause us to be late.

Comprehensive Consultation To Achieve Your home inspection

To help us serve you better, we always start with a detailed discussion that covers all of your options. Whether you simply want to simple home inspection, or if you want a full home screening, we identify your goals and then carefully plan how to achieve them.

We Are BBB Accredited With No Customer Complaints

When you choose Westpro Inspections you know you’re choosing quality. We work hard to earn our customers appreciation. You’ll never find any complaints about us because we always make sure to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding service.

Innovation And Sustainability

We Constantly Update Our Industry And Product Knowledge To Better Serve You

We are committed to providing the most up-to-date services available, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. We continually research and study new industry trends and emerging technology so we can inform you of the options that are best suited to your interests.

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We Offer A Full Range Of home inspection Services To Serve You  better

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IAC2 Certified 

Our services are always performed by a certified Inspector. You always receive expert, practical advice for any of your  concerns. We will never send an inexperienced Inspectors to do a Home Evaluation

Infrared Certified

Our Inspectors are certified in the latest in infrared technology. Our inspectors can detect any abnormalities expand beyond the naked eye

Green Building Certified

Our Inspectors can accurately 
identify and inspect any green systems and features in your Home. Our team can Identify any Green Efficiency Deficiencies and consolidate the best actions to take.

Move-In Certified

We want you to feel confident moving forward with your new home. so we offer a 1-year warranty with all of our services. This is just another way we strive to offer the most reliable inspection services in Calgary.

No Hidden Fees – Detailed, Accurate Quotes Provided Before Any Work Is Started 

Our high level of experience allows us to provide detailed quotes that account for all expenses so you know exactly what you’re paying for before the work is started. This ensures that you are never stuck paying for services that you either did not need, or were not informed of. If there are ever any extra expenses to arise, we make sure to get your approval before completing any extra work.